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Support for Cyclone Freddy

1). Praise God the original challenge match of $50,000 has be met! ($100,000 total)

2). The new challenge is to help these families rebuild their small businesses that have been washed away or covered in mud.  A generous donor has offered a match of $25,000 to help reestablish these small businesses. Each dollar will be match until May 15th, 2023.

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Send your check to:

Possibilities Africa
PO Box 209
Elkhorn, NE 68022

Possibilities Africa is a member in good standing with the ECFA.


Martin's Update on Cyclone Freddy

“Today was the hardest and most heartbreaking experience. I met with 4 pastors that have been with Possibilities Africa since 2017.  They came from the border of Malawi and Mozambique.  Their village, Muloza, was one of the most stricken by Cyclone Freddy.”

8,182 people in their community are now displaced. Most are living in camps. But there are not even enough camps, so 8 houses are hosting 7-8 families each. One pastor has 78 people living with his family.

These four pastors told of another village that is near theirs that is largely buried and they have not been able to reach anyone. They say that village had mudslides covering the houses. No survivors have been reported. Possibilities Africa has a CIFA group (pastors involved in our training) in this buried village.

Out of 1,500 houses in this village only 45 remain standing.  The rest were swept away or under mud. The bridges are all washed away. No one can reach them so they have not received help, except one helicopter drop with 4 bags (25 kgs) of flour.

This is a picture of a pastor from a village where over 100 bodies were recovered and many still missing sitting on the house that collapsed on his grandmother and killed her.

Possibilities Africa has a plan to give each of the 3,000+ households $1/day for one month to help buy food.  If we help 3,300 households for one month we will need to raise $100,000. 

We have a few donors who have offered to give $50,000 if we can raise an additional $50,000 to match.  On April 10 these donors will match what has been given. 

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Possibilities Africa
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