Our Principles and Values

These principles reflect the unchanging values and core beliefs of the ministry of Possibilities Africa. From its beginning these principles have guided our work, and they always will. While strategies and services may change over time, the principles reflect the heart of the ministry both now and in the future.

  • With God all things are possible: Possibilities Africa affirms its dependence upon God. We believe that with God all things are possible; what is impossible with man is possible with God
  • Our ministry is holistic in its approach: We minister to the whole person, seeking spiritual, economic, social, and emotional transformation – bringing about a Shalom experience for our partners and in communities
  • We encourage unity to achieve a community Vision using local solutions: The focus of the ministry is to ensure each community and its leaders create their own vision and work on local plans, solutions and use local resources to improve their livelihoods. This also ensures local sustainability. We encourage believers to embrace cross-cultural, and cross denominational boundaries to work together for the great good of God’s kingdom. We encourage the coming together of like minded spiritual leaders and Christians for the greater cause of the kingdom of God
  • We foster radical transformation: We seek fundamental transformation, and hope and intend to achieve it for individuals, families, churches, communities, countries and the continent of Africa within a generation. We provide the spark that allows people to forever transform their lives
  • PA provides a “hand-up,” not handouts and our work is designed to empower the locals to undertake their own programs: PA fosters empowerment and personal responsibility. We inspire people and communities to take personal responsibility for their transformation. Instead of depending on handouts we provide a “hand-up.” Our work is not done to people or for people, but with people. The work of PA must be sustainable. We train and equip the locals to do it for themselves instead of doing it for them. We endeavor to make all initiatives locally owned and we grow them to become locally supported. We design and implement programs and projects which others can replicate so as to grow naturally through mutual learning
  • We promote Christian service: PA encourages Christian service. We mobilize Christians, both in the US and in Africa, to use their talents, time and treasures to serve on short-term mission trips. We value the contributions of both African and international donors, as together they lock hands to partner with churches in the rural communities to be and do all that God has for them
  • Integrity and Efficiency: We operate with integrity and efficiency. We use all donations in a transparent and effective manner, ensuring that they get where they are needed in a timely manner for a productive use. We deliberately create accountability for all we do
  • Centrality of the gospel message: We are a Christian ministry that prioritizes and encourages our partners to do everything with a sense of priority to reaching others so they know and grow in Christ through evangelism and discipleship
  • Godly servant leadership: We encourage and promote a leadership that fears God and serves the people. We seek to work with partners who are Faithful, Available, and Teachable (FAT)