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Fixing water wells in Malawi

Possibilities Africa recruits, trains and works through leaders to equip churches in rural areas of Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania and Ethiopia). Today we are going to focus on what God is doing in Malawi.


Nick-named the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ Malawi is a landlocked country in Southeast Africa with the magnificent Lake Malawi! Lake Malawi lies within the Western Rift Valley, boarding Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique and is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Surrounded by this beauty are some of the poorest people in the world. Most of the extreme poor live in rural areas.

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Pastors and leaders involved in the training of Possibilities Africa are challenged to develop a compelling vision for their community.

One such example is that of pastors from one of the PA communities in Malawi, led by Pastor Jeremiah Haleke. Access to clean water has been a challenge for over three years, after two water wells in the area broke. 


This meant the women have had to walk miles to fetch water from untreated sources, for cooking, cleaning and bathing, exposing many to waterborne diseases.

Pastor Jeremiah’s group of 16 pastors was compelled to do something about this, with the added pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic which called for increased hygiene practice as key preventive measures. They prayed, developed a plan of action, and requested a meeting with the local administrative authority (chiefs) to offer their support and ideas towards resolving the water issues in their community.

Out of the pastors’ initiative, change is taking place in the community and beyond. 

Today, nine wells have been rehabilitated within their community and surrounding villages. The positive impact has resulted in the chiefs working hand in hand with the pastor group to partner with community development organizations in rehabilitating an additional 64 wells in other areas.  

The pastors grabbed hold of this opportunity to teach the Word of God, leading twelve local chiefs to the saving knowledge of Christ. 

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A compelling vision founded on faith and driven by action is what the Late Dr. Tokumboh referred to when he said, “A change in the mind will affect both belief and the behavior of a man.”

Jeremiah’s story is an amazing examples of what God is doing through the ministry of Possibilities Africa, but to fully appreciate, you must hear how far they have come.  Please continue to read about the backstory…. 

Pastor leaders in Malawi were divided and operated in fear that collaborating on any activities would expose their members to another pastor’s church and thus reduce church membership and income. They believed that preaching, collecting offering and praying for the members was their only role. Anything outside this description was considered unspiritual.

This outlook to spirituality and pastoral responsibilities led to:

 *Pastors seeing each other as competitors for church members within the community creating division among them.
* Poor living conditions within communities due to negligence of community resources leading to poor sanitation and unsafe water sources.
* Neglect of the vulnerable members in the community including the elderly, the sick and those living with disabilities.


Possibilities Africa (PA) recruited pastors and formed a Community Integrated Financial Association (C.I.F.A.) group in the community through which the pastors are being engaged for community transformation.

In order to help the pastors to have a source of income away from church offering, PA has trained them in an economic empowerment program.  To address the leadership challenges, PA provided leadership and organizational training to equip them as leaders of the church and community.

As a result of the intervention by PA, attitudes have changed, skills have been acquired and knowledge has increased among the pastor leaders. Among these outcomes include:

* Increased church membership as community members are witnessing the fruit of the Gospel through the holistic programs.
* Church members are reaching out to their community members to support them in times of need.
* Formation of nursery schools and establishment of Sunday schools in churches demonstrating the value being placed on children.

Possibilities Africa does not give hand outs but rather a hand up. 

We do this through:

The Whole Gospel, Impacting the Whole person, Transforming the Whole community.  



Meet Jeremiah Haleke – A man full of passion to serve and a desire to learn. Pastoring the Deeper Life Church and leading the C.I.F.A. group in his community, he has been committed to this journey since 2016. He is married to Grace and they are blessed with five children. Many can testify of his positive influence in the community and the change in his own lifestyle whereby he can now sustain his family without having to depend on church offerings.




Please pray for Jeremiah and his C.I.F.A group as they set up a Bible study for the chiefs who have given their souls to Jesus.

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