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Our Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

Growing up in a small remote village in utter poverty, Martin Simiyu was only ten years old when his father died. His mother raised him and his nine brothers and sisters in a two-room mud hut. But unlike most, Martin always knew there was more to life. He never lost his dream and vision for a better future. He studied hard and was only one of three students in his high school to qualify for college.

After graduating from college in Nairobi, he came to the United States where he received two master’s degrees: one from Biola University in Organizational leadership and one from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago in Intercultural Ministry. Despite lucrative opportunities to stay and work in the United States, Martin returned home to Kenya in 2004 and formed Possibilities Africa, where he works to change the face of Africa.

We hope you enjoy following the journey of Possibilities Africa and its life giving message.