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Poverty in Africa

Poverty in Africa is a crisis

And rural areas are the hardest hit. Trapped by generational poverty, villages can’t break out of the cycle.

Purely economic solutions don’t work.

The crisis is more than an economic problem. It goes much deeper than that. Communities face spiritual poverty, economic poverty, and generational poverty.

The Spiritual Crisis

The vast majority of pastors (over 70%) in rural Africa have a calling from God but little or no training. Often times, they lack even the basic necessities to do ministry.

The Economic Crisis

In East Africa, 4 out of 10 people live below the poverty line, and the numbers are even more bleak in rural areas. In fact, 82% of the people living in extreme economic poverty on the African continent live in rural areas.

The Generational Crisis

Growing up in both spiritual and economic poverty, the children of rural Africa lack access to the education and tools they need to break the generational cycle of poverty.

The good news: it doesn’t have to stay this way.