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God Is At Work In Ethiopia

Pastors in Ethiopia believe that a call to ministry is a call to sacrifice and poverty. In fact, many conclude that the more one is poor, the more one is highly spiritual. Unfortunately, many times these pastors are not able to feed or cloth their children properly. Possibilities Africa teaches that the apostle Paul was a tent maker to provide for his needs (Acts 18:1-3), so it is not wrong to earn an income and still be a pastor.

Pastor Tadese

In 2021, following the PA training, pastor Tadese took a microloan supported by PA and planted chilies for sale. He has since harvested his first crop and is looking forward to the next. With some of the proceeds from the first harvest, he opened a shop to make and sell refreshments like juice.

Pastor Tadase is so excited that not only is he pursuing the calling of God upon his life to PREACH THE GOSPEL, but is also able to use his God-given abilities to provide for his family’s needs.  This would not be possible without partners like you.  Thank you for your partnership and support of this ministry!!


Please pray for Martin and his team this week as they train 70 pastor/leaders in Malawi. Last week we had trainings in Tanzania and later this month we have two training events in Kenya.

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