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Looking to the future by celebrating the past. Meet Josephine— a woman with a God-sized story of how someone like you changed her future.


In 1999 Josephine’s husband died leaving her with four small children. Living in Kenya with little hope and even less money, she struggled to raise her four children.  In 2004 Josephine was one of the first leaders who took part in the training offered by Possibilities Africa. Through the teaching of Martin Simiyu, the founder of Possibilities Africa, she was encouraged to dream about how she could produce an income with the resources she had and the skills God has given her. Her husband had been a carpenter and had started a building but it wasn’t finished at the time of his death.  Josephine’s  idea was to turn that building into apartments and rent them.  She did this and created an income. From that income she bought a cow.  That cow died and she bought another cow.  After that she planted a garden and some banana trees.  If you could meet Josephine my guess is she would remind you of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Three of her four children have finished college and the fourth (Jecinta) is in college.

The micro businesses Josephine started have paid for college for all four of her children.

Stories like Josephine’s are not only economic but also spiritual success stories.  Josephine is a leader in her family and church, teaching others spiritual truths and stopping the cycle of spiritual and physical generational poverty. 

There are thousands of stories like this. The common thread through all of them is the generous donations of people like you who have given sacrificially to make a difference in one person, one family, one church at a time. Fifteen years ago someone gave not knowing Josephine’s name or her hopeless story. Possibly that person was you and we give thanks for you and your generosity.  Since 2012 over 5,000 small businesses have been started through the training of Possibilities Africa and thousands of lives given new hope. Over 1,700 pastors and leaders are currently involved in the training of Possibilities Africa and each of these pastors have a congregation and community that will benefit from the spiritual teaching they are receiving. 

What’s next?
We celebrate the stories of changed lives! Still, millions await the gospel-centered message taught by Possibilities Africa.  We are currently working in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Tanzania.  In 2020 we will be expanding into Ethiopia (112 million people).  The needs are great but the life-giving message of the gospel is even greater. Your involvement in this ministry is critical today so that in the years to come stories like Josephine’s will be multiplied a thousand or million times over. 





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