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Shoes to go to school

M 159 Children in central Malawi now have shoes! These children previously walked everywhere, even to school barefooted.


The shoe distribution was initiated by the pastors group (CIFA) in the Ntchisi district of Malawi. This group of 25 pastors put their personal resources together to sponsor 3 early childhood development centers with a total of 315 children between the ages of 2-5 years.

In rural Africa, children are often on their own for much of the time because the men and women are working in the fields, leaving them unprepared for school.  These pastors realized through the training of Possibilities Africa that they need to take responsibility to mentor the next generation.

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Generous friends of Possibilities Africa are matching gifts up to $30,000 through the month of June. Our fiscal year ends June 30th, and your partnership in this ministry is greatly needed.

This intervention aims at ensuring that the poor and needy do not become school dropouts due to a lack of shoes.

The pastors also organized a child evangelism event dubbed Children Evangelism fellowship where they brought together 532 children from different churches and denominations to learn God’s word, enjoy scripture memory activities and reach out to other children in the community.

This all started because someone like you gave.  If NOT… These pastors would NOT have been trained, 159 children would NOT have shoes and 532 children would NOT have heard the gospel. BUT THEY DID, THANK YOU!


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